[chuck-users] ChubbY (ChucK in Ruby)?

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 18:39:09 EST 2009


and some of *those* (my own favorite is Squeak) can do music and garbage
> collection at the same time without missing deadlines.

Ah, yes, Squeak! I remember that, and your "Quoth", the text-adventure
livecoding system. Could I encourage you by saying I'm still very interested
in that?

>     The thing that matters to me is the immediacy I get from dynamism. I
> don't ever want to have to stop the processes that make my music. ChucK
> comes close to that feeling, by making the edit/spork cycle very quick, but
> to propagate the effects of code changes I still have to kill shreds I would
> rather leave running during a performance. (Apologies if the situation has
> changed, I haven't actively used ChucK for my own work in several months.
> And apologies if I'm rehashing stuff everyone already knows. :)
No, that situation has remained basically the same. I agree with your
perspective here; Whatever we decide to do (if anything) should make musical
sense. The current temporary implementation of unchangeable public classes
isn't very very powerful compared to some other languages -and that's a
issue- but it also isn't very conductive to live performance and
improvisation which I feel is another issue and one that should ideally be
addressed by a solution to all of this.

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