[chuck-users] Summer DSP Course (in ChucK)

Ge Wang ge at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Feb 19 15:34:33 EST 2009

Dear all,

Perry and I will be teaching a 1-week intensive summer course on Sound 
Synthesis and Digital Signal Processing in ChucK, to take place from July 
6th - July 10th, at CCRMA, Stanford University. The course fee is $650 
and includes the course textbook "Real Sound Synthesis for Interactive 
Applications" by Perry (see below for more information).  Should be fun! 
We sincerely hope you can join us!

All the best,
Perry and Ge!

Here is more information:


July 6-10
Sound Synthesis and Digital Signal Processing in ChucK
Perry Cook, Ge Wang

Description: This 1-week course will introduce basic concepts in sound 
synthesis, digital signal processing, and programming in the ChucK 

This workshop is intended for:  If you know programming (C, Java, C++ 
Objective C, etc.) then you'll know ChucK thoroughly by the end of this 
course. If you don't, then you'll know some programming and some ChucK. 
If you have math background, then you'll know quite a lot of DSP by the 
end of this course.  If not, then you'll have an intuitive grip on many of 
the concepts.  If you know DSP but not physical modeling or other sound 
synthesis techniques, then you'll know those by the end of the course.

Workshop structure: Morning lectures will cover time and frequency 
domains, additive, subtractive, FM, and physical modeling synthesis, and 
basics of ChucK programming. Afternoon labs will reinforce course topics 
through hands-on exercises and individual work based on participant 

Text: Real Sound Synthesis for Interactive Applications (included in 
course fee).

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