[chuck-users] Summer DSP Course (in ChucK)

Michael Heuer heuermh at gmail.com
Sat Feb 21 03:07:15 EST 2009

Kassen wrote:

> In June (probably 15-19) there will be a workshop on ChucK at Steim in
> Amsterdam, Netherlands (http://www.steim.org). This is a part of Steim's
> series of workshops this summer, also featuring one on junXion and one on
> Handmade Electronic Music by Nicolas Collins.

Probably should have mentioned this earlier, STEIM was a special guest
at the Spark Festival here in Minneapolis week:


The schedule runs through Sunday.  If anyone on the list happens to be
in town to attend the Spark Festival or otherwise, I wouldn't mind
hosting a ChucK get-together at a coffee shop or bar some time in
between events.


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