[chuck-users] UGen based Pitch tracking demo (with BUG?)

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 19:03:35 EST 2009

Hey, Rogan!

> I don't think so.  This sounds like a bug to me.  If there are two
> declarations of the exact same function, for example your foo
> functions, then chuck should at least warn you that you've overdefined
> that function and tell you which version it will use.

Yes, I agree there.

> Actually, as I type I can see one area where I might do this.  If you
> have a class that inherits from another class, you may want to
> redefine a function to do something different than its parent class.
> For example.

That's a good example of the way things currently work. I agree this is
proper but here you aren't  "over defining" terms but you are "re-defining"
them, working from a general case (or scope) towards a specific one. This is
quite different (I feel) from the example I posted where the two definitions
were within the same scope.

Re-defining functions while extending classes is kosher (and indeed
essential), "over-defining" them is not, IMHO.

I hope that helps illustrate my case an I wish you a very good new year to
you as well.

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