[chuck-users] Status on running shreds?

Tom Lieber lieber at princeton.edu
Sun Jan 4 18:08:42 EST 2009

2009/1/4 Arjan Scherpenisse <arjan at scherpenisse.net>:
> I'm new here, and not so much into audio programming (yet), but I'm
> interested in ChucK from a software perspective. I'm trying to code a
> little "live coding" app (python+gtk+glade), much like the miniAudicle,
> but interfacing with ChucK through shell commands (like chuck-mode for
> emacs).
> So I wondered whether it's possible to get information on the running
> chuck process. In the simplest form, I would like to get the output of
> the "chuck --status" command. That command now lets the VM write on its
> stdout; not on the stdout of the calling process.
> Can somebody point me in the right direction? Thanks,

Well miniAudicle "owns" its ChucK server; you could take that
approach. At the very least I mean spawning the ChucK server so that
you have its stdout.

Tom Lieber

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