[chuck-users] Problem with reverb and multi-voices

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 07:44:45 EST 2009


Yeah, it's not always an answer, but sometimes it is! And it's easy.
> So I try it!

:¬) I'll be sure to when there is a need. I don't think there is here, I
think we can safely mix voices before the reverb instead of mixing 15 or so
reverbs together, as long as we make sure all voices have the right "wet"
and "dry" amounts. This will lead to slightly more involved control at
starting sounds but it should be much cheaper on the CPU. If I understand
all of this correctly saving CPU will mean running the whole thing at a
higher rate.

> It'd probably be similar to .chan() syntax.

Yeah. I'd like something like that; channels beyond .left() and .right(),
they would be nice for this, for state-variable filters and perhaps even for
modulation inputs.

> I think it's just to get the particular sound you get when a new voice
> is fired at regular intervals... I don't know what kind of noise he's
> recording, but when I tried it sounded kind of nifty. 'Cause his code
> differs from the example script he seems to have copied.
I think so, I didn't know the SMS was so different; that's why I asked.

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