[chuck-users] Status on running shreds?

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 16:53:52 EST 2009


> Ive made a small patch for this, and now I can control chuck (add/remove
> shreds, view status info, etc) from a python script, hurray! I'm in the
> process of writing a class for this and will share it as soon as i'm done.
> For the two problems I mentioned, I made 2 tiny changes to chuck_vm.cpp;
> i'm attaching that. Or should I post this stuf to the developers list
> instead?

I feel it should be safe to assume the dev's read this list, then again; I
also feel *I* should get back to people that mail me which at times can
require some further "poking" as well :¬). In the interest of convenience
I've taken to mentioning the word "bug" in the topic of emails concerning
those, to facilitate searches of the archive, maybe we should also use
"patch" or "[patch]" that way? If you get no reaction I'd try the dev list
for a reminder; our devs are friendly, enthusiastic, tallented.... and
starved for time as well as occasionally chaotic. Kinda like normal people,
except more so.

It's very good to see another Dutchman on the ChucK list, BTW. Your name
looked Dutch so I had a peek at your site. Do give a shout if you're doing
anything pupblic and ChucKian, Amsterdam is only 45 minutes or so by train
from The hague after all.

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