[chuck-users] Guitar Zero

Les Hall inventor-66 at comcast.net
Fri Jan 9 12:20:26 EST 2009

Hi Kassen,

Thanks for your comments!  You wrote:

I hope that either clarifies the situation or will encourage you to 
explain what I missed so far, maybe German keyboards do terrible 
things, like sending different signals for the cursor keys; I never 
tried one.

Actually, yes I do have such an example, specifically the number keys 
(the ones above the keyboard).  On British and Belgian keyboards the 
number keys return completely different message.which() codes.  The 
Belgian keyboard is particularly tricky as it's number keys are all 
replaced with special French characters.  So when I made a numeric 
menu, my Belgian friend couldn't work the program.  He eventually 
played around with it and found that some of the letter keys gave 
numeric codes, and gained access into the program that way.  Also the 
British numbers didn't work, and I haven't had a German user yet but I 
expect a similar problem.

So I made number / letter combinations for the menu like 1 or a, 2 or 
b, 3 or c, etc.  and that helped a lot, but still there are problems.

When we get cross-platform MAUI, I'll make the program graphical again 
and that will solve the keyboard issue, but I really do think it is 
something that is not quite kosher.  I mean, after all we want our 
ChucK programs to work in the UK and Belgium, right? :)

Maybe I should use message.ascii(), do you think that would solve it?  
Maybe that's *why* message.ascii() exists?



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