[chuck-users] Guitar Zero

Les Hall inventor-66 at comcast.net
Sat Jan 10 02:32:03 EST 2009

Hi, me again,

Here is what my test user had to say about the keyboard:

Again, the letters and numbers weren't working properly.  (I do have a 
standard American Qwerty keyboard.)  No letters work at all, neither 
does the space bar, and the numbers are 2 off of what they say to be.  
In other words, 1 and 2 have no response and hitting 3 brings up the 
minor pentatonic scale game, and so on and so fourth all the way up to 
0 and -.  Not sure why this would happen, but at least it worked.

This is typical of what I get from users trying out Guitar Zero, but 
it's always different.  Not sure what to do, try message.ascii()?


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