[chuck-users] best way to read from HID device

Robert Carter r.carter at cs.auckland.ac.nz
Sun Jan 11 21:39:46 EST 2009

Hi everyone,

I'm running chuck under linux and I want to play sounds using a  
plastic drum pad USB HID device. Here is an article with the technical  
details I have assembled so far:


I can read data from the /dev device and this data seems to be giving  
correct drum hit information. The hardware appears as a HID device but  
i've been unable to get the chuck joystick functions to use it. I  
thought perhaps I could use file IO to read blocks from the device and  
trigger sounds from that, but I can't see how you might achieve this  
in chuck.

I have found a small C program that reads the usb device and  
translates this into JACK MIDI signals but this does not seem to be a  
good match for chuck. Another idea was to modify this program to send  
OSC messages instead of JACK messages, and feed into chuck that way.

Any suggestions, tricks or hacks most welcome.


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