[chuck-users] live coding lab == 27/02 > 01/03 == ghent/belgium

Bram de Jong bram.dejong at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 05:54:49 EST 2009

(appologies for cross-posting in advance)

Hello live coders,

= summary =
live coding lab+battle at resonance ghent :: call to arms+collaboration
2009, February 27 -> march 1
location: espace ladda ( http://www.espaceladda.be/ ) and art center
vooruit ( http://www.vooruit.be/ ), ghent, belgium
= /summary=

My name is Bram de Jong (you might know me from freesound.org /
smartelectronix.com / musicdsp.org) and I've been appointed as one of
the chief-noisemakers for the upcoming Resonance Festival (
http://www.resonanceghent.be ) in Ghent - Belgium. In particular, I'm
responsible for the live coding workshop which will take place in the
"espace ladda" right next to the artcenter.

There will be 3 days of intense workshopping, collaboration, battles,
but the format will be completely open. Space to seat about 10-13,
2 vid projectors, big mixing desk, enough audio cables to strangle a
cabbage (I'm a cat lover), headphone splitters + headphones so people
can listen in on you / spy / steal your best ideas in true open source

On Sunday afternoon, we shall all chill out in the Café and get some
proper live coding wars onto the large speakers and projection screen
in a relaxed/energetic/stressed battle environment, powered by plenty
of Belgian Beers.

Who is invited: everyone who does live graphics+coding or live audio,
if you want to join, send an email to bram at resonanceghent.be with some
youtube-y examples of what you do, some website to look at, some art,
whatever you can throw at us.

What is included: we offer the space and for some of you we will be
able to (help?) pay the voyage. Sleeping places will be cozy and
personal (read: in someones house) rather than expensive and
hotel-based. Couleur locale powered. Once we get all proposals/.. we
will see who we can help. Our budget is very limited. Oooh, and we
also give everyone who comes play a free entrance to the festival
(Machinefabriek, Eavesdropper, Alva Noto, Move D & Benjamin Brunn,
Claro Intelecto & Andy Stott, Peter Van Hoesen, Mokira / Andreas
Tilliander, Echospace).

What would we like you to bring: your laptop and anything you think is
cool to tinker with. If you have some circuitbent cheezegraters you
think sound cool, bring'm and add them to your soft/hard tweaking!
We'd like you to bring crazy things. Yes. The crazier the better.

Note: if you live closer (uk, de, nl, fr), chances will be greater we
can pay your flight/train/bus!

much love and a happy ny.

 - Bram


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