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> My question, actually, should have been about polymorphism and not
> inheritance. What I want is that  having a base class Point and another
> class Point2D which inherits from Point, that I can define a Point  p, that
> could morph and become a Point2D. Or in other words, that an UGen, can
> become a SinOsc.
> Is that possible?
Well, the thing is; You can assign a SinOsc to a object of type UGen because
a SinOsc is a UGen. However, a UGen object doesn't have a .freq() member
function so you can't use that with it, even though a SinOsc (which does
have that function) has been asigned to it.

Let's take a practical example;
UGen u;

if (maybe) new SinOsc @=> u;
else new Gain @=> u;

//so far so good

//here comes trouble;
440 => u.freq;

That last line is the trouble-maker; it adresses a UGen and at that point
we're not sure that UGen has that function, hence the parser objects. That
line may well be valid but we don't know this for sure.

What I think you may need is a new class that can generate modulation
signals, then extend that for various behaviours. This won't work like a
UGen but you could connect it using a "dummy" Gain UGen in the parrent class
that might serve as a output. How you'd do that in practice would depend on
the exact scenario, for a extremely general case this could become somehwat
lengthy and involved. For a extremely basic frame-work see below.


//this will parse. It may or may not be the kind of thing you are after.
//clearly a lot more infrastucture is needed

class Modulator
    Gain out;

class Foo extends Modulator
    ADSR env => out;

class Bar extends Modulator
    Envelope env => out;

Modulator m;
m.out => SinOsc s => dac;

new Foo @=> m;

ps; you'll be fighting the type system. Typically fighting the type system
leads to bug-reports. If it's 4am and you're throwing the keyboard against
the wall do considder that you may be right and ChucK might be wrong.
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