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Wed Jan 21 12:54:59 EST 2009

Dear all,

I just noticed that I accidentally send this to the DEV list instead of the
users one. That was of course a mistake. I hope this didn't bother anyone,
I'll try to pay more attention on the future.


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From: Kassen <signal.automatique at gmail.com>
Date: 2009/1/21
Subject: hotswapping UGens
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Fellow ChucKists,

Inspired by Scott's explanation of casting I thought I'd try a new trick
that may be quite interesting for livecoding.

first run this file;
new UGen @=> Foo.instrument;
public class Foo
    static UGen @instrument;
    spork ~attach();

    fun void attach()
            if(!instrument.isConnectedTo( dac )) instrument => dac;
            second => now;

Foo foo;
new Sitar @=> foo.instrument;

//your melody goes here
while(second => now) 1 => (foo.instrument $ Sitar).noteOn;

Then run this to hot-swap the UGen while the original code runs;

new Shakers @=> Foo.instrument;

Sadly this does need that "attach" function as assignment breaks the link to
the dac. I'm not sure I feel that's desirable behaviour but at least we can
now hotswap UGens without crashing. I don't think I succeeded in that

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