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Thanks for you help! I still don't understand why it works and my code
> doesn't, but maybe that's ok...
That's perfectly ok for your code, it's probably a rare non-trivial ChucK
project that doesn't work around some issues here and there and your
"live-thingy" seems to be over three times the size of mine, at least when
we express size in lines of code (which is probably even a valid metric if
we're talking ChucK issues).

I don't think it's ok in general. I'm not sure I agree with Mike's hunch of
blaming the return process of the spork function. My hunch is that we are
dealing with a instantiation error related to the rather loose link bwetween
objects of type Shred and actual shreds that are running processes.

I say that because I find it rather odd that you can instantiate a
non-primitive static object inside a public class; you can't do that for
other non-primitives so something about the instantiation of Shred objects
must be unusual. It may be a bit odd to find the one type of non-primitive
that actually behaves propperly there and *doesn't* require a workaround
suspicious... maybe we should be thankful instead but I still suspect it's
to blame.

As an aside; I'm very interested in ChucK based live setups. Are there any
videos/texts/audio-recordings about your system online? If not would you
have the time to entertain me with some notes on your approach?

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