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Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sat Jan 24 20:33:49 EST 2009

> I'm working towards live performance at some point, and I've been
> banging around ideas in my head, and it'd be really nice to hear your
> thoughts (both of you) on how you set up your systems.

Sure. The main thing that I did was simplify and take shortcuts in the
interest of fast input; lots of emphasis on physical movement and none on
graphical feedback.

I think I posted these links to this list before but I'm lazy so if I
wrote/did something before I might as well link to it;

http://www.leonardo.info/lmj/lmj18contribnotes.html (general description,
scroll down about 3/4th of the document)

http://steim.org/jamboree08/?p=437 (text about a presentation I did)
http://steim.org/jamboree08/?p=571 (video of the same thing)

That should at least give you a rough idea of my direction and setup.

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