[chuck-users] chuck --probe doesn't find USB midiman keyboard?

Robert Poor rdpoor at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 21:24:58 EST 2009

[insert gratuitous ravingly happy chuck comment here]

I'm a brand new user, so this may be a simple cockpit error.

I've plugged in a midiman "oxygen 8" clavier keyboard into my Mac  
Powerbook G4.  The Mac recognizes the clavier keyboard in System  
Vendor-Specific Device:
   Product ID:	0x1014
   Vendor ID:	0x0763  (M-Audio)
   Version:	0.01
   Speed:	Up to 12 Mb/sec
   Location ID:	0x1b100000
   Current Available (mA):	500
   Current Required (mA):	Unknown (Device has not been configured)
... but chuck --probe does not:
[poorbook15-5:chuck-] r% chuck --probe
[chuck]: found 1 device(s) ...
[chuck]: ------( chuck -- dac1 )---------------
[chuck]: device name = "Apple: Built-in Audio"
[chuck]: probe [success] ...
[chuck]: # output channels = 2
[chuck]: # input channels  = 2
[chuck]: # duplex Channels = 2
[chuck]: default device = YES
[chuck]: natively supported data formats:
[chuck]:    8-bit int
[chuck]:   16-bit int
[chuck]:   24-bit int
[chuck]:   32-bit int
[chuck]:   32-bit float
[chuck]:   64-bit float
[chuck]: supported sample rates:
[chuck]:   32000 Hz
[chuck]:   44100 Hz
[chuck]:   48000 Hz
[chuck]: ------( chuck -- 0 MIDI inputs )------
[chuck]: ------( chuck -- 0 MIDI outputs )-----
[poorbook15-5:chuck-] r%
Any ideas what's required to get Chuck to honor the USB / Midi keyboard?


- Rob

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