[chuck-users] syncing computers with OSC

james.hurlbut at utoronto.ca james.hurlbut at utoronto.ca
Thu Jan 29 11:56:38 EST 2009

Hi Guys, thanks for all the input to my question. As you can see in my  
original post, my issue was with the sample OSC sync code I downloaded  
from the Plork site which was generating 16th note sync messages that  
were way off to any pair of ears. So yes, my question was concerning  
creating decent musical sync messages over OSC.

Sure, my players can gaze each other deep into the eyes or setup some  
sort of janky nudging system but for my purposes I need things to be  
musically synced bpm wise as the players will have little or no  
musical talent, and well, lined up beats just sound good to my MTV ears.

Sorry if I set off all y'alls ubernerdiness with the incorrect "sample  
accurate" description. Kassen, you being an electro rock star, maybe  
you have some insights or code to share to get an aspiring chuck dj  
superstar on the way to synced techno bliss? I would much prefer to be  
spending my limited chuck time making music than figuring out the  
idiosyncracies of UDP. Thanks all!


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