[chuck-users] Library-Like Code

mike clemow gelfmuse at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 15:05:08 EST 2009

Hey all,

I just posted some very primitive (pun intended) Iterator classes for
arrays of Ints and Floats.
(http://wiki.cs.princeton.edu/index.php/Chuck/Lib)  I find them useful
in certain situations.  (I think Michael Heuer has some superior
ArrayList / Iterator code somewhere.)

Now, I'm well aware that most of you have personal class libraries
that you use to do your thing with Chuck (I do too).  There are also
collections of code out there focusing on specific domains (SMELT,
etc).  I wonder about all this code and whether or not there might be
some willingness to curate (for lack of better word) a collection of
library-like code that we might post somewhere--in some package that
isn't code posted on a wiki.

It's not really a class library...  it's not really package...  it's
more like a distribution.  But I think that it would be really helpful
and fun.  There's something about posting code to the wiki that really
makes me cringe.  Documentation of code is really what wiki's are good
for.  I think that a downloadable collection with wiki documentation
would be ideal.  I know that this couldn't be any sort of rigorously
designed library, but we could all incrementally contribute to
something like this, which I think would be really sweet.

Is anyone into this idea?  I'd be glad to set up the chuck/lib page on
the wiki to this end and organize, if people are into it.



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