[chuck-users] chuck mode for emacs

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sun Jul 5 07:00:36 EDT 2009

> Would you folks mind if I open an wiki page to document the mode's
> features? I'm not really sure if I should ask, since it's a wiki, but
> anyway I'm new here so I thought it wouldn't hurt to be a little
> polite :)

I think anything topical and placed in a spot that makes at least some sense
is welcome. It seems that even when we feel like we are getting totally
off-topic we somehow come up with a way* *in which it turns out to be very
relevant and useful.

When you come up with a article titled "What ChucK taught me about soccer
strategies" we may need to reconsider but the more I think about that the
more I'd like to read it (and I'm not even into soccer).

I do believe there is already a section on editors that -amongst other
things- covers a EMACS mode, these things are useful, sharing is good. Make
yourself at home.

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