[chuck-users] Kassen's Phasor

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 16:43:05 EDT 2009

> That's the spirit!
> I might quote you on this when I write the manual for my software :)

I can't take credit for it; it's snowcloned* from Tom's slogan "safe code is
boring code". Still it worked; I learned some new things about C++ today as
well as about how noise works in ChucK. Sadly I didn't get CNoise to behave
and I also didn't fix what I wanted to fix, being Phasor.width(). I think
Phasor is considered the basic case for the plain oscillators and somehow
all of the others (where it makes sense) have a working .width() yet Phasor
doesn't. I can't even figure out how it "ticks" with regard to phase. Still;
a lack of documentation here and there did lead to a very educational

Clearly successful plans are boring plans!


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