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Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 18:38:13 EDT 2009

> I don't know which version of ChucK I'm editing, but it fixed it on my
> computer.

I do; I was editing making the linux-alsa version as a part of the
linux-alsa version of the mini (pasted in the canonical mini source). This
works fine, making it doesn't seem to give more errors than the usual amount
of warnings. All types of noise check in (with brown and fbm being
predicatbly silent as those were labeled as "later" in the source). "flip"
and "xor" are nearly identical to my ear (on crappy laptop speakers) with
"flip" sounding ever so slightly darker and more smooth.

"my_CNoise.mode("foo");" doesn't change anything, instead of the more
logical option of warning the user that a unkown type of noise was
requested. Another odd thing is that the default setting (without any call
to .mode() ) seems different from any of the presets, it sounds quite
similar to "pink" with a gain of 0.04. Assuming we'd like to keep the
"Noise" UGen (which does seem redundant now, aside from compatibility) I'd
sugest the default being the "pink" preset. ".mode()" can't be called
either, that could be considered inconsistent with the typical way of
functions being overloaded for setting and getting.

Aside from those notes I can't see any reason why this fix shouldn't go
straight into the next version of ChucK as it is, it's a big improvement to
me, especially as pink noise is such a great tool for testing systems and
for more natural sounding noise sources. In this state it looks completely
workable to me, to the point where I almost feel bad about still noting

Many thanks for your swift and effective reply; beautiful work.

Gratefully yours,
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