[chuck-users] Fwd: odd hid issue (touchpad)

Hans Aberg haberg at math.su.se
Fri Jul 17 14:14:36 EDT 2009

On 17 Jul 2009, at 19:42, Kassen wrote:

>> They may or may not, I think - they HIDs can pretty much choose  
>> what varibles they want to provide. There was another thread withy  
>> this track-pad problem.
> Yeah.... but this is not some exotic specialised device. I would  
> think it's quite clear that a touchpad on a laptop will be used as a  
> mouse.

The problems is that button-variables can be labelled with different  
intended usages, such as velocity or absolute position. So if Chuck  
only implements velocity for mouses but not the absolute position, it  
will miss them. A HID can provide both - in fact this is what  
multiaxis HIDs do.

> If you have a Mac with gcc on it, you might try the program I hacked  
> up. It lists all the variables for all attached HIDs.
> No, sorry, I do have some Linux computers with GCC on them.

It will not work there, as it calls some Mac OS X native, non-POSIX,  
API. If you search the 'chuck' sources, you might see what it uses.  
Netsearching for "UNIX human interface device API" gave:


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