[chuck-users] The ChucK Show

CraqueMat craque at craque.net
Mon Jun 8 12:04:36 EDT 2009


Feel free to use this piece, it was created through a combination of 
Perl and ChucK for a project we did on .microsound soon after David 
Foster Wallace died, using text from Infinite Jest to create automatic 
drone music:



Les Hall wrote:
> Folks,
> I am running out of new material for the ChucK Show.  I know you've got 
> some gems you can send me, and files do transfer over this mailing list, 
> so please send them in.  Let your work be heard!  I'm going to be 
> playing more classics to flesh out the show, but we need new stuff!  
> Thanks very much.
> Les
> (Inventor)
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