[chuck-users] cyclone, a time-scaling metronome

Tom Lieber tom at alltom.com
Tue Jun 9 00:56:05 EDT 2009

Poor's mention that he was working on a metronome reminded me that I
still hadn't published mine. Then I dug it up and realized that I
never published it because it was still too crappy. But it turns out
the Timeout code I wrote for that thread was just what it needed!

So now it's about done, save a nasty sample-rounding issue. Because of
Kassen's remark about me posting things to my site but not the mailing
list, I'm linking it here:


It's a metronome that lets you change its tempo on the fly, using it
for timing like

  // wake me up at BEAT X
  cyc.at(X) => now;


  // wake me up X BEATS from now
  cyc.wait(X) => now;

although the second one is not recommended for situations when there
are multiple shreds because of the sample-rounding bug I mentioned
before. ChucK's timing accuracy for raising events (nearest sample)
isn't good enough, I think, though I haven't actually narrowed the
problem down yet...

I hope it's useful nonetheless!

Tom Lieber

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