[chuck-users] implementing a "wait for signal with timeout"

Hans Aberg haberg at math.su.se
Tue Jun 9 17:54:14 EDT 2009

On 9 Jun 2009, at 23:21, mike clemow wrote:

> Actually, these machines explicitly complain about non-reclaimable
> memory due a process named "chuck," which has eaten it all.  Then
> either the OS will kill chuck, or I will have to manually kill the
> system by rebooting the machine.

Aren't you on a POSIX machine, so you can kill it by 'kill -9 <pid>'  
where <pid> is what you get from
   ps -x | grep 'chuck'

> I went through my code, however, and
> have been finding some objects that are unnecessarily created every
> time a certain method (spawning a grain) is called, which will
> definitely contribute to the memory leaks.  I'm fixing those as I find
> them.
> Wasn't there a trick to deallocating memory for objects?  I thought
> you could do something like, ...
> null => myObject;
> ... however, this crashes chuck on my machines.

Kassen suggested
   null @=> foo;


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