[chuck-users] chuck/[mini]audicle vs. gcc 4.4.x

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 13:25:08 EDT 2009


> I'm also hitting this error in miniaudicle and audicle, any help?:

For the Mini it's most likely caused by the Mini still using which
doesn't play nicely with newer and more strict versions of GCC. The trick is
to take your Mini source, look fo rthe ChucK dir and replace all of the
files in that with the files from the source of ChucK That will
make it compile and you'll end up with a Mini that uses the latest version
of ChucK. I don't think it's worth patching as the result of this workaround
is superior to what you'd get with a patch for ChucK

For the Audicle this -sadly- doesn't work. I do like the Audicle and the
ideas behind it but right now the only version available is based on a
version of ChucK that's so badly out of date that I have a hard time
reccomending using the Audicle for anything more serious than demonstrating
experimental interfaces for programming.

I hope that helps,
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