[chuck-users] The ChucK Show

Les Hall inventor-66 at comcast.net
Wed Jun 17 07:53:13 EDT 2009

Hi folks,

I'd just like to say thanks to all who replied with new material for 
the show a while back, I was able to obtain and feature some of the 
works but not all.  One of the links didn't work and for some reason 
I'm having trouble playing works that use samples in a directory 
residing next to the .ck file, but anyway there was enough new material 
to keep things interesting last week.

If you have any .ck or .mp3 files that you would like me to play on the 
show, please let me know where to find them, this is an ongoing 
request.  The best thing to do is email them to me 
(inventor-66 at comcast.net) though attaching .ck files to ChucK Users 
posts works as does posts to the forum or links to your files.  I don't 
seem to have the best luck with cutting and pasting code from websites, 
and that is time consuming anyway but I'm happy to do it if that's how 
your work is available.

I'm preparing for show number 13 this week, and from here on out I'll 
be playing some repeats of classic songs and ChucK files from the past 
as well as playing guitar through some funky ChucK guitar processing 
programs.  If you linked me to some work and didn't hear it on the 
show, please let me know so I can remedy that situation.

Also I'd like to mention the Summer Solstice concert which is a 15 hour 
event broadcast on both www.electro-music.com and www.stillstream.com 
as a joint venture.  There will be about two dozen artists of all 
electro-music genres from all around the world and I'll be featuring 
some ChucK material for half an hour, I believe at 1pm EST (or was it 
noon, i forget - GMT is so confusing to me).  Anyway, you might want to 
tune in it will be a lot of fun - and consider stopping by the 
electro-music.com chatroom during the event if you like.

Oh, and I talked to ChucK and he said the show is a little weird but he 
likes it.  Hmmm, OK, personifying ChucK is rather strange but I find it 


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