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Vilson Vieira vilsonv at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 10:19:43 EDT 2009

2009/6/17 Les Hall <inventor-66 at comcast.net>

> Hello again fellow ChucKists,

Hi Les.

> eChucK is inspired by and related to ChucK.  The "e" stands for electronic,
> so it's a hardware implementation of some of ChucK's features in concept.
>  The idea is that we would like to create little bitty postage-stamp sized
> circuit boards that perform ChucK UGen, code, and instrument features in
> electronic form and then wire these boards up into free-standing
> "sculptures" that can create music on their own or interact with ChucK
> software or both.  Also ChucK can model eChucK sculptures, which I have done
> a few times.

I would like to congratulates you again. eChucK is a awesome project and the
applications are unlimited. I think we can use it even for educational

> OK, now for the updates.  I had four dsPIC-based eChucK circuit boards made
> and two of them are taken, I'm keeping one for myself, and there remains one
> board to be mailed out for free to anyone who would like to work on the
> project.  Please let me know if you would like me to send you this board.
>  In other news, the awesome folks at www.electro-music.com were interested
> enough in eChucK to create a forum for it right next to the ChucK forum
> under the DIY section.  I am moderator of that forum and I posted design
> files, hardware and software descriptions, and ChucK files there.

I would like to receive the board. I think we can replicate it here in
Brazil (we have a PCB prototyper here at the university) and send some
copies to people around the world. What do you think?

> Some folks have participated in the eChucK forum threads and a few are
> working on their own vision of what eChucK should eventually become.  We
> have one fellow working on a special type of processor (i forget which) for
> eChucK in England, I'm working on some Lunetta-based eChucK possibilities,
> and I just heard from someone in Brazil who is planning to create an
> Arduino-based eChucK project.  I purposely left the specifications of the
> project as open and unstructured as possible so that people could do things
> however they wanted as long as everything works together.

Yes. We'll try to use Arduino instead of PICs to power some UGens.


Vilson Vieira


vilsonv at gmail.com
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