[chuck-users] eChucK Update

Les Hall inventor-66 at comcast.net
Wed Jun 17 12:22:33 EDT 2009


I'd be happy to send you a board.  Also the Eagle CAD design files for 
it are posted on the eChucK forum Eagle CAD is freeware and 
cross-platform to Mac, PC, and Linux, so that's why I use it.  Well, 
actually if you use it for profit you have to pay for it, but for us 
hobbyists it's free.  The maximum allowable board size is small but 
sufficient for many small projects.  If you download the files you 
won't have to reverse engineer the board but I'll send you the last 
remaining board anyway.  It's nothing special, but it will give you the 
idea of what's going on.  Oh, and if you prefer I have one board that's 
already chopped up into little boards.  Please email me 
(inventor-66 at comcast.net) with the mailing list and your preference as 
to which board you would prefer me to send (whole or chopped up).  And 
especially thanks for participating in the project, I'm sure it will be 
wonderfully educational.



Thanks for the encouraging words.  I'm beginning to realize that having 
these first four boards made was primarily an exercise in learning 
Eagle CAD and working with a board house as a hobbyist, plus more 
importantly it has provided sort of a focal point for getting the ball 
rolling on the eChucK project, even if we never use these first boards 
in practice.  It helped make people realize that the project is 
tangible and real and ever so slowly gaining momentum, etc.  The cost 
at the board house I used was $100 for four boards, 3" x 4" in size.  
That's double sided with solder mask and screen printing, but not 
chopped up into little boards.  So that works out to about $30 each 
including shipping.  Not cheap, but acceptable I suppose.  I hope you 
enjoy your perusal of the eChucK forum and please feel free to post a 
message if you like, the more people who chime in, the more excited 
other people will become.  Enjoy.


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