[chuck-users] iPhone => OSC apps

Andrew Turley aturley at acm.org
Sat Jun 20 15:29:50 EDT 2009

I've used OSCemote, Mrmr, and an old version of TouchOSC. The nice
thing about OSCemote, in my opinion, was that you could create UIs
using HTML and JavaScript, which made them very flexible. Mrmr has an
app that lets you create a UI by dragging and dropping widgets on to a
page, which is faster but less flexible than OSCemote's system. Until
recently TouchOSC didn't have a UI editor so you were stuck with the
UIs they had. They just released a UI editor, so I'm going to check
that out.

One issue to note with OSCemote's system is that there seems to be
some lag when handling multiple touches in custom UIs. I've noticed
the same lag in my experiments with multitouch in Safari, so I'm going
to blame webkit there.

As far as the accelerometer goes, I think they were all about the
same. Getting accelerometer data in an iPhone app is pretty
straightforward, so I imagine they all do it the same way. I've found
the accelerometer to be fun, but not all that useful for fine control.


On Sat, Jun 20, 2009 at 12:09 PM, Robert Poor<rdpoor at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've been having so much fun with my GameTrak controller in ChucK, I
> now want to add my iPhone as a controller.  It appears that there are
> numerous iPhone/OSC apps, I'd like people's opinions about which ones
> work well and which ones don't.  Here's my roster:
> iOSC ($2.99)
> Mrmr (free)
> OSCar (free?)
> OSCemote ($4.99)
> OSCRemote (free)
> pOSCa (free)
> TouchOSC ($4.99)
> Omissions?  Recommendations?  FWIW, I'm especially interested in the
> accelerometer data -- I think they all provide some support for that,
> but some may be better than others.
> - Rob
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