[chuck-users] getting simplest mrmr => iPhone => OSC => ChucK app to work

Robert Poor rdpoor at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 00:38:06 EDT 2009

I've installed mrmr on my iPhone.  I also downloaded and installed
Niklas Saers's OSC-Client
(http://niklas.saers.com/Media/OSC-Client.zip) on my MacBook Pro.
OSC-Client shows that I've configured things correctly; I'm receiving
messages such as:

messages: /mrmr/accelerometer/direction/2/PoorPhone 2
messages: /mrmr/accelerometer/force/2/PoorPhone 54
messages: /mrmr/accelerometer/angle/3/PoorPhone 134
messages: /mrmr/accelerometer/force/3/PoorPhone 54

... but haven't been able to get the simplest ChucK program to honor
the messages.  Here's the code -- it never gets past the "oe => now"
call.  I'm sure my error is obvious to the old hands out there -- any

OscRecv orec;
1500 => orec.port;
orec.event("/mrmr/accelerometer/force/3/PoorPhone, i") @=> OscEvent @oe;
while (true) {
    oe => now;
    while (oe.nextMsg()) {
	oe.getInt() => int i;
	<<< "got", i >>>;

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