[chuck-users] Trying to get start with Chuck on MAC - USING TERMINAL

Andrew Turley aturley at acm.org
Sat Jun 27 02:08:08 EDT 2009


Congratulations on taking the dive into ChucK. From what I can tell,
it looks like you're close to having things up and running. The
problem is that you are trying to run ChucK without any input file.
The command line version of ChucK needs you to specify the actual file
that you want to execute. You can either create this file, or use one
of the files that came with the ChucK installation. For example, if
you had a file called sounds.ck, then you would run it by going to the
directory that contained the file and typing the following at the
command prompt:

chuck sounds.ck

For more information about using the Unix command line, you might want
to take a look at this article:


I'm not sure which video you saw, but you might have been watching Ge
use Audicle. Audicle provides a graphical interface to chuck. You can
download it here:


Good luck, and let me know if this helps.


2009/6/26 gary hiebner <soundbasestudios at gmail.com>:
> Hi Everyone,
> I am new to Chuck. I saw Ge's video on the Apple website and am very
> interested in getting into Chuck as an audio tool for live performance. I
> seem to be having a problem getting it to run. I have tried going through
> the start up manual as it says, but keep getting the same error.
> I have added chuck to my usr/bin/
> When I check through the /usr/bin I can see chuck there, so it has been
> added successfully.
> Then I type the >chuck in Terminal
> I don't get the [chuck]: no input files.... message
> i tried typing the command:
>> chuck // connect sine oscillator to D/A convertor (sound card)
> But just get the following error message:
> -bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('
> Is there something else I am not doing correctly?
> I have tried in miniAudicle, and everything works fine there,
> But would like to get this working from the Terminal.
> Thanks in advance for any assistance,
> Regards,
> --
> Gary Hiebner
> SoundBase Productions
> cell: 082 877 6239
> www.soundbase.co.za
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