[chuck-users] Trying to get start with Chuck on MAC - USING TERMINAL

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sat Jun 27 09:28:36 EDT 2009

gary hiebner;

Then I type the >chuck in Terminal

I just noticed this and the "greater than" symbol in it. At the risk of
stating the obvious; you wouldn't type that symbol, just the command "chuck"
(without quotes). The symbol ">" is sometimes used to represent the prompt,
probably because that's how a typical dos/windows setup represents it
(preceded by the name of the dir we are in), I don't see it in my terminal
on Linux and I don't think Mac uses it. Let's have a exageratedly detailed
look at me running chuck in that way, copied straight from my BASH terminal;

ghost at baido:~$ chuck
[chuck]: no input files... (try --help)

In the first line we see "ghost", that's my login.
"baido" refers to the name of the computer (I'm a R-type fan, you see).
The "@" means I'm loged in on this computer (that's no big news but I might
use the same login on multiple systems)
The "~" is a shorthand for my home dir so in this case that refers to
The "$" means I'm a ordinary user and not root. If I were root it would
instead be a "#".

Then we see a space after which we see "chuck", the "chuck" bit is the only
thing I typed myself. The space just separates what the computer put there
from what I wrote.

On the second line we see ChucK's responce, it's basically saying "yes, I'm
here but you're not giving me anything to do, type help if you'd like to
know how to talk to me".

Maybe that helps? If not it might be nice to copy the exact error you are
getting because if ChucK is in /usr/bin/ it really should work.

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