[chuck-users] The ChucK Show

Les Hall inventor-66 at comcast.net
Tue Jun 30 14:38:43 EDT 2009

Hi all,

Last week's show went very smoothly, including lots of me talking and 
playing guitar into ChucK effects pedals.  Next week I will feature 
some more basic introductory vocal content about ChucK, such as the 
origins of ChucK, what you can do with ChucK, and introductory 
programming information.  I think the show so far has been very 
technical and geared to the expert music coders and electronics buffs, 
so this change will hopefully address a broader audience.  I also have 
one piece of new material, the song "onTheFly - Ben Zimmerman.mp3".  
Thanks Ben!

I'd also like to mention that someone named Alphacore will be doing a 
show involving ChucK in some way on Thursdays at 5pm EST.  The schedule 
is on the front page of www.electro-music.com and click on radio to 
hear the shows.


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