[chuck-users] Live ChucK-gig in Copenhagen

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 06:03:56 EST 2009

Kassen wrote:
> Good luck!


> I'm not in Denmark but love your lineup and will listen to your MP3's.
> I am, BTW, of the opinion that if there is ever a "average ChucK 
> performance" that would be cause to quit the whole thing or at least 
> make drastic changes. What a dreadful idea!
> :¬)

Ok, I meant to say that I'm under the impression that ChucK performances 
tend to be more experimental or loop based (I could well be wrong). This 
project often involves almost regular pop-sing structures, like intro, 
verse, chorus, bridges etc. and part of what I'm doing is being able to 
improvise the form, so jump to a certain part or repeat parts, etc.

It was in no way meant as an offence, just a mere pop-music-ahead 
warning :-)


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