[chuck-users] Live ChucK-gig in Copenhagen

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 06:28:03 EST 2009


> It was in no way meant as an offence, just a mere pop-music-ahead warning
> :-)

My note was in no way meant to critique, I meant that I enjoy reading about
all the different ways in which people use ChucK.

I myself have used it in a pop-like setting playing a joypad as well (though
only in a non-public context, need practice). In a way that's a obvious
choice; pop often has synth sounds in a dominant role but the poor synth
player is typically all the way at the back of the stage, in a position that
couldn't be called "dominant" in the slightest, due to the big keyboard
standards needed. I think joypads in custom synth-sound setups are a great
solution for that.

I suppose keytars were meant for that but there is a shortage of commonly
available, wireless, motion sensing, compact, keytars at low prices while
joypad manifacturers are continually trying to outdo eachother.

BTW, I don't know about the Danish market but here those "Realplay"
controllers for the Playstation2 were being dumped at bargain prices. 10
Euro for a wireless controller with 3d motion sensing and USB dongle, HID
compliant (ignore the game and Playstation logo, it'll work).

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