[chuck-users] Wireless controller for Chuck

Robert Poor rdpoor at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 10:16:08 EST 2009

On 3 Mar 2009, at 03:28, Kassen wrote:

>> BTW, I don't know about the Danish market but here those "Realplay"  
>> controllers for the Playstation2 were being dumped at bargain  
>> prices. 10 Euro for a wireless controller with 3d motion sensing  
>> and USB dongle, HID compliant (ignore the game and Playstation  
>> logo, it'll work).

By the way, this may be the same controller that Kassen mentions:


On sale through Amazon for $9.99 (though shipping makes it more like  
$19.99).  I'm amused by the idea of controlling ChucK by swinging a  
little golf club over my head, so I ordered one.

- Rob

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