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Tue Mar 3 11:29:46 EST 2009

2009/3/3 Robert Poor <rdpoor at gmail.com>

> [Further apologies for cluttering up the mailing list, etc...]

IMHO there is a need for a list/forum/wiki on this topic because we share
these concerns between communities like ChucK, SC, PD, MAX, Processing,
junXion, etc. yet there is no centralised source of knowledge. The best I've
been able to find is reviews of converters by dance game enthousiasts (in
dance games timing is extremely critical, or so I hear)

I think I'll suggest something like this to the nice people at STEIM, it
seems like a natural gap for them to fill as they've been championing
musical game-device abuse for a long time.

> It's a pity, but the orb-like Puzzlesphere appears to be UK-only.

Ow :¬(
Those are nice in a "Shakers for Darth Vader" sort of way. Importing might
increase costs beyond the "casual fun" point though.

>  I'll report back whether or not the Gametrak / PS2 little golf club is HID
> compliant after I get it.

That would be great! I'm quite interested in those as they do appear to be
aimed at more serious golf fans and I'd imagine that factors like position,
speed, rotation and so on would all be quite relevant in that context. Golf
certainly goes beyond what a plain Wiimote (without the announced extension)
could provide and more channels is better.

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