[chuck-users] benchmarking UGens

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 16:03:20 EDT 2009


One thing that clutters up the picture is that I also changed the script to
> take three measurements and throw away the largest and smallest value, which
> should (and seems to have) get rid of the worst jitter.
> Besides that they don't look that different, or...

Slightly lower numbers for the new style. The difference in x10 and x100
still shows the static cost of the VM but we can compensate for that now in
those cases where using x50 would be more practical.

> Anyways, this is the content of for instance 01_SinOsc.ck, do you think it
> looks sane?

Yeah, that looks "by the book" to me :¬)

One thing that has me wondering now is the cost of a non-playing SndBuf;
that's very low indeed, lower than a gain. Some optimisation must be going
on there; nice.

Nice work!


PS; As a side note; GMail users can enable a google labs extension that will
allow them to view selected emails in fixed-width font. This makes looking
at tables like this a lot more convenient.
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