[chuck-users] time goes backwards (and I don't like that)

Robert Poor rdpoor at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 19:02:07 EDT 2009


> This is quite clearly wrong, the two times should be the same.

*Whew* -- thanks -- I was worried that I was suffering a dissociative  
fugue (not to be confused with a counter-fugue).

A hint to the hunting party: the "wrong" time returned by now always  
seems to be an integer.  It's as if the fractional part is getting  
lopped off - either by truncation or rounding, I'm not sure which.

Fetch me my halberd!

- Rob

On 13 Mar 2009, at 15:49, Kassen wrote:

> Rob;
> One might think that the while(true) shred woke up *before* _e got  
> triggered, but Apple isn't yet building computers with tachyon  
> technology.
> I fear the exact same happens on the battered old AMD build here and  
> running Linux. I'm really quit sure I didn't put anything expensive,  
> rare or exotic in here.
>  Can someone tell me what's really going on???  Failing that, know  
> any doctors who will prescribe a selective serotonin reuptake  
> inhibitor to keep me from tearing my hair out?
> This is quite clearly wrong, the two times should be the same.  
> Something has gone wrong in the Shreduler; I've been suspecting  
> there have been changes to the shreduler since the last version as  
> some of the execution order in my sequencer has gone very odd  
> indeed, needing a extra ms of advanced time just to get the shreds  
> to execute in the right order but the cause of this has eluded me.  
> I'm going to test this with some older versions of ChucK, in the  
> meantime; I'll past my edits to your code below, I edited it  
> slightly, removing one  un-nesicary yield and adding a extra printed  
> line to have ChucK compare the times instead of me, the point to  
> that is to get rid of rounding errors caused by printed values being  
> truncated after six digits after the decimal point and because I'm  
> lazy.
> This, to put it bluntly, looks very bad and very wrong; seroteine  
> uptake inhibitors take way too long to get going, let's form a  
> hunting party. Get the nets, the pitch-forks and war drums and let's  
> catch this bug! ;¬)
> Yours,
> Kas.
> ==============pasted code below==============
> Event _e;
> time _t;
> time foo;
> spork ~ beatProcess();
> while (true) {
>    now + 1.001::second => _t;
>    _e => now;
>    if (foo > now) <<<"bang">>>;
>    now => foo;
>    <<< "returned from _e => now at", now >>>;
> }
> fun void beatProcess() {
>    while (true) {
>        _t => now;
>        if (foo > now) <<<"bang">>>;
>        now => foo;
>        <<< "broadcasting at", now >>>;
>        _e.broadcast();
>    }
> }
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