[chuck-users] time goes backwards (and I don't like that)

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 19:06:32 EDT 2009

Ok, sorry, we do need to .yield; it just doesn't make a difference in the
current version of ChucK.

The code below will print lots of "bang" in the current version and will
never do so in, clearly something in the Shreduler changed. Also; I
needed to advance time by a samp, just yielding wouldn't do; that's likely a
error as well.

Event _e;
time _t;
time foo;

spork ~ beatProcess();

while (true) {
   now + 1.0001::second => _t;
   _e => now;
   if (foo > now) <<<"bang">>>;
   now => foo;

   <<< "returned from _e => now at", now >>>;

fun void beatProcess() {
   while (true) {
       _t => now;
       if (foo > now) <<<"bang">>>;
       now => foo;
       <<< "broadcasting at", now >>>;
       samp => now;

..so far I'm inclined to conclude that there was something changed to the
shreduler and that soomethign else was wrong in the shreduler of as
well as just yielding should be have been enough.


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