[chuck-users] problem with osc over network

Bozelos Dimitris dbozelos at yahoo.gr
Sat Mar 14 16:27:09 EDT 2009

Hi all,

I'm working on a group project and I chose to use chuck not having "chucked" at all before. So we need to send / receive osc messages over the network with the other groups members and i've run into some problems, I don't receive the messages other people send me.

I can send messages with chuck succesfully and receive successfully with supercollider. So there is no problem with the network / firewall. Here is my code for receiving:

OscRecv recv;
6449 => recv.port;

recv.event( "/address, f" ) @=> OscEvent @ oeFloat;
float k;

while( true )
    oeFloat => now;
    while( oeFloat.nextMsg() )
        oeFloat.getFloat() => k;

    1000::ms => now;

Is there anything that I miss? This code works fine at localhost (from a chuck shred to another). The other people are sending messages with Max/MSP and SuperCollider, can this cause problems? Can there be a mismatch of the type of the incoming message with what is expected? Although I was sure while testing that the message from Max/MSP was sent as a float, can this be a problem somehow?

Any thoughts would be appreciated,


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