[chuck-users] Wireless controller for Chuck

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 22:53:13 EDT 2009


i gotta just chime in here; i think this controller is awesome! and quite
> frankly much more interesting that the Wii, which, though wireless, is
> pretty crude in terms of control. but just my 2 cents!

Sensors that detect the roll-off of wires are certainly harder to come by
than tilt ones, that's for sure!

If anything is great about the wiimote it's that it's made alternative
controllers quite popular. One might speculate that the relative crude-ness
of the Wii's control is a part of it's appeal in that many seem to like it
for it's accessible nature.

Personally I hope that this will develop into more in-depth, detailed and
accurate devices for more skill-based playing instead of a eventual
dis-enchantment with alternative/specialised control methods but we'll have
to see.

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