[chuck-users] Retractable string controller for Chuck

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 12:06:56 EDT 2009


Well.  All this talk of the Ondes Martinot and chainsaws have made me
> reconsider the performance art potential for the Catz / Gametrak controller.
>   When I plug it in, the OS X USB device manager knows its name, but (not
> surprisingly) chuck --probe doesn't show it.  Can anyone offer pointers on
> what I have to write to make it recognized as an HID device under OS X?


"chuck --probe" never shows Hid devices so that's business as usual. If your
OS recognises it as a joystick then it should be available to ChucK without
further trouble. Have a look at /examples/hid/joy.ck ; you maybe have to
edit the device number if you have more than one joystick device but that
should get you going.

You may need to change that internal setting of the device that was hinted
at before to make it properly compatible but that's a hardware issue and
you'll have to ask Dan.

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