[chuck-users] Catz Controller [was Wireless controller for Chuck]

Robert Poor rdpoor at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 17:40:37 EDT 2009

On 18 Mar 2009, at 14:30, mike clemow wrote:
> I'm with Dan here.  It's perfect for capturing arm positions in 3D.
> Think "orchestra conductor."  We had one opened up here at NYU last
> semester for NIME prototyping.  It's all geared potentiometers under
> the hood and it very accurate.
> -Mike

Yeah - ten minutes alone with ChucK and the Catz controller has made a  
believer of me: I whipped together a little program that continually  
plucks 12 StifKarp notes, each with its own pitch and repeat rate.   
The volume of each note comes from the 6 axes (and whether the axis is  
positive or negative).  I looked like an upside-down marionette  
jumping up and down holding onto the controller strings.

Big fun.

- Rob

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