[chuck-users] variables and memory

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 00:05:08 EDT 2009


> just keep reusing the same iterator integer, which I assumed you were
> talking about earlier.

Oh, yes, I do that, and I use a few of those for situations like "for very
step, for every sound...." that need nested FOR loops. I was just trying to
see how small a garbage-free FOR loop could  get here

> Also, this is going to be a lot more important for object references
> and large arrays, etc.  but it's neat trick that I didn't know about
> before

IMHO this is quite exciting. I think it's comparable to the discussion we
had about casting from general to specific classes a while ago; to me it
seems like we have lately been getting what amounts to new features purely
because of the user base, regardless of developments on the language/VM

I think that's a important stage in ChucK's development; just because I
tried to see what would happen if we tried to push this to a extreme case
doesn't mean I'm not very enthusiastic about what we saw here; this is
absolutely great and changes a lot.

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