[chuck-users] first video from live ChucK gig w/ modlys

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 15:12:34 EDT 2009


> Not sure what you mean? Sometimes a composition is in fact nothing but a
> paraphrase over something heard and remembered by the subconscious.
> Most of the time I throw away everything if I discover that's what happened,
> although sometimes I work the material into something different.
> In this case I don't think that's what happened, though.

I have no idea, I thought for a moment it might a treatment of a
classical song or that you had send another version before. Maybe it's
just really catchy :¬)

> The language is danish (sung by someone who lived four years in Den Haag :-)

Ah! Yes, Danish always does that to me I speak (some) Dutch, English,
German and Frisian and so Danish always sounds to me like i should be
able to understand it, yet it stays just out of grasp. Quite a surreal

> IMHO it's not really a matter of electronic or acoustic, but more a match
> (or contrast) between the spectral characteristics of the different
> instruments.
> Isn't it just a matter of listening, doing it alot, experimenting and
> listening some more?

Yes, it is, but to me electronic sound in live performance often end
up sounding a bit "clumsy" next to acoustical instruments yet here I
didn't have that feeling it all; very well done.


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