[chuck-users] ChucK Internet Radio Broadcast

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 08:01:17 EDT 2009

Hey, Les!

> Yesterday (Friday March 27, 2009) we enjoyed the first ChucK internet
> streaming broadcast on electro-music.com.  Kassen was there in the chatroom
> and he had a fun exchange with my friend Carroll who was here in my studio
> for the broadcast.  I think they were talking about her fingernails for some
> reason.  Whatever.  All had a blast!

It was great! The nailpolish came from Carroll jokingly "complaining"
about how monotonous and noisy some things were and how she would go
paint her nails instead. I didn't think things were that hard to
listen to but I've been listening to abstract electronic music for a
while, it might be different if you're suddenly thrown into the deep
end of generative pieces :¬).

> There was a tiny bit of dead air, but for the most part things went well.

I thought it went great for a first time making radio, especially as
you were on your own. With the little station I'm with (also all
enthusiastic amateurs) we make sure there is somebody with a bit of
experience around for a new guy's first time. Especially considering
that you didn't have that support I thought you did a commendable job.

In my humble opinion professional "polished" radio is mostly very boring anyway.

>  I
> played some of kijjaz's stuff and some of mine as well.  We improvised and I
> coined the phrase "Jack Noise!", referring to the sound that my puter makes
> when I unplug or replug the jack to switch from ChucK to mic or revverse.

A little mixer would do the trick, of course, but in this case, if
that's all you need you might be able to get away with just a passive
cross-fader? I'd arrange a old one for you if it weren't for postage;
it makes no sense to send a old mixer in the mail across the pond;
postage would be more than the thing would be worth.

Have a look at some of the smallest (new) Behringer ones or scout flea
markets; I think that in the 80's people liked to have a small mixer
next to their stereo, those things (provided they don't crackle too
badly) should be fine for just switching a signal like this.

Why not ask people to send in their generative pieces of code that
they might have to spare?

Anyway, this is a lovely project, I think, and I hope you keep it up.
I very much enjoyed your broadcast.


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