[chuck-users] VT100 emulation

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sun May 3 08:36:46 EDT 2009


> 3. For some reason, the echo off escape sequence does not work on my
> Terminal. One can get around it by using 'Std.system("stty -echo")', but
> then 'Std.system' must be enabled (it seems) using startup option
> '--caution-to-the-wind'.

This is intentional.

A ChucK VM is open to connections over the network, actually; using a
second (or third...) terminal to send commands to the VM uses a
connection to localhost to work at all. Hence having Std.system() take
arbitary commands and execute them with the user's permissions meant a
rather large security hole.

This way the power to use system commands is there for anyone to use
but the user him/herself will need to make the choice to trade
security for power.

As far as I know this is a purely theoretical issue but is is a rather
large hole.

Your code works beautifully on my Linux install, I'll try Windows
later today; we might be lucky (I don't have much hope there but
simply trying seems easier than digging through the Windows
reference). If it doesn't work maybe it could be ported; the Windows
shell does have quite a few options that DOS lacked but I don't know
most of them off-hand.


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