[chuck-users] dbtopow(), dbtorms(), powtodb(), powtorms() off by 100 db

Robert Poor rdpoor at gmail.com
Sun May 3 11:28:24 EDT 2009

In chuck, the family of db conversion functions appear to be  
broken, or at least have a unconventional interpretation of db -- they  
all seem have an offset of 100 db:

for example:

Std.powtodb(1.0) => 100.0 (expected 0.0)
Std.powtodb(10.0) => 110.0 (expected 10.0)

Std.dbtopow(0) => 0 (expected 1.0)
Std.dbtopow(100) => 1.0 (expected 10000000000)

(Similar comments apply to rmstodb() and dbtorms())

OTOH they are self-consistent, in that Std.dbtopow(Std.powtodb(x)) ==  
x, so maybe someone thinks that's how they're supposed to behave?

- Rob

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